Heide Lindgren and Love is Mighty

Posted on January 18 2018

There sometimes seems to be a bridge that exists between high fashion items and artisan-made items. It’s a tricky bridge, like the rickety rope bridges that cross over canyons. It’s covered in so much fog that many people can’t even see it. Not many artisan brands are able to make the trip across, tying their wares to the world of high fashion. But Love Is mighty has done just that.

I know that there are people out there who don’t care where their bag or their clothes or their shoes came from. They don’t care who made them, they just want them to look good. And with Love Is Mighty, that’s ok. They don’t discriminate. This brand is going to deliver you an incredible product anyways. But if you do care, like I do, then being able to share their story of tradition, of ethical fashion and business, and of spreading love through what you buy will mean a lot to you. And that means that Love Is Mighty is just the brand for you.

Their colors demand your attention. They are bright, bold, beautiful, just like I imagine India –where they are handmade, preserving longstanding traditions – to be. The sandals are complete stunners. They look like they could be Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, you name it. My bag made of biscuit wrappers? Man, I get asked about that bag everywhere that I carry it. It’s quite incredible, actually. And the fact that Love Is Mighty is helping to preserve amazing traditions just takes the cake. Beautiful products with a beautiful story is so true here. They are trendy, they are high-quality, luxurious; the stitching is impeccable; they bridge an incredible gap between high fashion and artisanship that is so difficult to do. They are the embodiment of their name: they are Mighty.


About Heide Lindgren: Heide Lindgren has worked as a professional model in the fashion industry for the last 16 years and seeks to use her connections, platform, and experience to leave a positive impact on the world via social business, non-profits, as well as health-related activities. She is 30 years old, living in New York City with her entrepreneur husband, Willie Morris, and is currently a student at Columbia University. She has served on the board of REBUILD Globally for the past year and a half and also acts as the Global Ambassador for sister company, Deux Mains Designs. 

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