As construction dominates India’s big cities, more and more tribal artisans in rural villages are giving up their centuries-old craft to learn to hang drywall and mix cement.
Talented hands are having to abandon what they know and love.
Thousands of years of Indian traditions are about to vanish.

Your shoes were born from a passion to preserve these indigenous crafts.
To give artisans the respect they deserve and the means to provide for their families.

Out of love, I have created these shoes using the fabrics and craftspeople
from the very rural villages that are in peril.

Out of love, I have carefully designed shoes that combine the
uniquely beautiful old-world textiles with my own modern designs.

Out of love, not a single animal has been sacrificed or harmed in the process.

I am personally invested in sustaining India’s culture for the next thousand years.
I believe because Love is Mighty.